Drainage Surveys

All manhole positions and traced sewer routes are co-ordinated using Trimble GPS surveying equipment fixing the positions to Ordnance Survey Datum.

CCTV Sewer surveys and inspection surveys

CCTV sewer surveys

For over 15 years we have provided CCTV sewer surveys for a range of clients. 

These surveys can range from a small private sewer running across a garden to a large diameter culvert running underneath a motorway.

Our staff are fully qualified to carry out CCTV pipe condition survey and inspection works to industry standard OS19X. 

We use an IBOS CCTV survey system with remotely controlled, adjustable crawler, push rod camera and pan & rotate camera. 

The unit has a maximum survey range of 200 metres and an be deployed in pipes between 100mm and 1.5 metres in diameter.

The finished report is supplied in industry standard Wincan format with a full condition report along with colour CCTV footage and accurate plans.

Drainage surveying with IBOS crawler camera and Trimble GPS
IBOS crawler camera

IBOS crawler camera

Mobile survey unit and office

Mobile video recording and control unit

A CCTV drainage survey can include any of the following:

Sewers can be accurately traced at ground level and then mapped as part of a survey or pegged out on site. This eliminates any guesswork and can be essential for planning applications, sewer diversions or easement applications or when the route of the sewer is unknown.

Compiling a CCTV camera survey – viewing and recording the internal condition of the pipe, identifying and positioning of blind saddles, buried manholes, cracked pipes, slipped joints, root ingress and other existing potential problems.


Land Surveys
Surveys can be of a single parcel of land or a few hundred Acres of land. We can provide detailed plans of the area that you require.
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Setting Out
We offer a variety of setting out services from the initial site visit through to the checking of the final work and producing as-built drawings.
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Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light.
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Building Survey
Accurate surveys are carried out which can include all fixtures fittings with details of door and window heights and floor areas.
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Specialised Surveys
Ground modelling software combined with our modern equipment allow us to calculate accurate areas and volumes – from areas of tarmac or floor space of a retail unit to a ship load of coal.
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